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Create Test Scenarios


This page explains how to use existing Activity Items to create a Test Scenario.
Creating Activity Items is a mandatory step before being able to create Test Scenarios.

If you're not familiar with the concept of Test Scenario, please take time to read the Zen4Sync Philosophy.

Zen4Sync does not provide - yet - a GUI to create Test Scenarios.
Therefore the Test Scenarios creation involves SQL Script writing.

Test Session creation philosophy

A Test Scenario is a chaining of Activities.
It allows to specify a waiting time before and after each Activity execution.
It will be executed by Clients during a Test Session.

An Activity is a reference to an Activity Item plus a pre and post execution waiting time.

For instance, say you've inserted a SQL Server Execution Activity and a Merge Synchronization Activity (both referred to as Activity Items).
To create a Test Scenario based on this 2 Activity Items, you'll need to have:
  1. 2 Activities referencing the Activity Items and possibly specifying a pre and post waiting time for each Activity,
  2. A Test Scenario which is related to the 2 Activities.

The insertion order is not exactly what appears above.
To respect foreign key constraints, the insertion order is :
  1. Test Scenario insertion,
  2. Activities insertion, referencing the Activity Items and the Test Scenario.

Insert Test Scenario

The table associated to Test Scenarios is [Scenario].[testScenario].
All you need to specify is the Name of the Test Scenario.
see the Scenario.testScenario table for details.

Insert Activities

The table associated to the Activities is [Scenario].[activity].

For details on what you need to specify for each Activity, please see the Scenario.activity table details.

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