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Zen4Sync Architecture


The Zen4Sync Architecture relies on 4 components :
  • The Zen4SyncRepository
  • The Orchestrator
  • The Test Server
  • The Client (also called Zen4SyncClient)



The Zen4SyncRepository is unique in an installed Zen4Sync platform.
It stores all the data needed for Zen4Sync to work. For instance all the data about your Test Sessions are stored in Zen4SyncRepository.
The database has to be deployed on a SQL Server 2008 R2 instance.
The only component talking directly to the database is the Orchestrator.


The Orchestrator is a Windows Service responsible for launching Test Sessions and logging the Test Sessions execution.
Unless you're testing a huge SQL Server Merge Replication Architecture, your installed Zen4Sync platform should only contain one Orchestrator.
If you want to use multiple Orchestrators, please see how to use several Orchestrators.

When the Orchestrator is asked to start a Test Session, it calls all the Test Servers involved in the Test Session an gives them all the details about the Clients they have to instantiate.

Test Server


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