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Zen4Sync Report: Use the data of your Test Sessions


Zen4Sync Report is a Microsoft Excel Add-In allowing the generation of reports based on the data generated by your Test Sessions.
It works on both Excel 2007 and 2010. It will add a Zen4Sync Report tab in the Excel Ribbon.
Reports will give you information such as the average execution time for each activity of the Test Session or the errors that occured (see the Report Content for details on the reports content).
You can also customize the Reports appearance if you don't like the way Reports look out of the box.

Install Zen4Sync Report

Zen4Sync Report installation is simple:
  • Close any running Excel instance,
  • Download the Zen4Sync Report release according to your version of Excel: Zen4Sync Report for Excel 2007 or Zen4Sync Report for Excel 2010,
  • Unzip the downloaded file and run setup.exe. Don't run directly the .msi file as it does not check the presence of the prerequisites for installing Zen4Sync Report,
  • If prerequisites are missing, the installer will install them for you,
  • Choose the installation directory. The default installation directory does not require any administrative privileges on the machine. You'll need to access this directory if you want to customize the Report look.

  • Click next and next to start the installation.

Once the installation is complete, start Excel and confirm you want to install Zen4Sync Report by clicking on the Install button:


Then, make sure the Zen4Sync Report tab is present in the Excel Ribbon:


Uninstall Zen4Sync Report

To uninstall Zen4Sync Report, use the Add / Remove Program screen of Windows.
You should see Zen4Sync Report in the programs list:


Use Zen4Sync Report

The following few sections describe how to properly use Zen4Sync Report.
Basically, the use of Zen4Sync Report consists in:
  • Connect to a Zen4SyncRepository,
  • Search for a particular Test Session,
  • Generate a report for the selected Test Session.

Connect to Zen4SyncRepository

When you're not connected to a Zen4SyncRepository, Zen4Sync Report will look like the following :


To connect to a Zen4SyncRepository :
  • Enter the Server Address of the server hosting Zen4SyncRepository,
  • If the server uses Integrated Security, click on the Use Integrated Security button then click on the Connect button,
  • If the server requires a login and a password, type them in and click the Connect button.

Zen4Sync Report will try to connect to the server :


Notice that the Status button on the right has changed. It now reads Working.
The Status button indicates if Zen4Sync Report is currently working.

After a while (depending on your network and the target server), you should be connected to the Zen4SyncRepository and see the following :


If an error occurred, Zen4Sync Report will display a pop-up giving you details about the error.
An error is most likely caused by a wrong server name or a wrong login / password.

Now you're connected to a Zen4SyncRepository, you can start searching for Test Sessions.

Search for Test Sessions

To search for Test Sessions, use the left group of Zen4Sync Report:


You can search for Test Sessions using two criteria: Test Session Category (using the list of categories) and Test Session Name (using the text field).

Fill in the fields according to your criteria and click the Search button:


Again, notice how the Status button reflects the fact Zen4Sync Report is working.

All the Test Sessions matching you criteria will appear in the Test Sessions list:


Now that you found Test Sessions, you can generate reports.

Generate a Report

To generate a report, simply select the Test Session in the Test Session list and click the Generate Report button.
Note: Before clicking the Generate Report button, make sure you're not currently editing a cell in the active Worksheet. The report generation will fail if you are.

When generating the report, Zen4Sync Report will delete all the sheets of the active Excel Workbook.
Click the OK button to confirm the report generation, or the Cancel button to cancel the generation and preserve your Workbook.


Report Content

A Report consists in 3 Worksheets:


Test Session Worksheet

This Worksheet presents the general properties of the Test Session, including the Test Servers it ran on.


Test Scenario Worksheet

This Worksheet presents the details of all the Test Scenarios executed by the Test Session:


For each Test Scenario is displayed a list of its Activities.
For each Activity is displayed :
  • The Activity type,
  • The average execution time in milliseconds,
  • The slowest client time in milliseconds,
  • The fastest client time in milliseconds,
  • The difference between the fastest and the slowest client, in milliseconds.

If the Test Session is not completed yet, the Worksheet will list all the Activities but the timing statistics won't be computed:


Errors Worksheet

This Worksheet presents all the errors that occurred while executing the Test Session:


The errors displayed are Activities errors.
Each Activity in error is displayed in its own Test Scenario.

If no error occured, the Worksheet will look like the following:


Customize Report appearance

You can easily change the Report look by editing the configuration file of Zen4Sync Report.
The file is <Zen4ySync Report Installation Directory>\Zen4SyncReport.dll.config.

In the configuration file, all style settings are settings named Style_*.
Simply edit the <value> of a setting to change the way Reports look.

For instance if you want the Report title to be on a red background, locate the Style_Title1_BackgroundColor setting:

<setting name="Style_Title1_BackgroundColor" serializeAs="String">

and change it to:

<setting name="Style_Title1_BackgroundColor" serializeAs="String">
    <value>Red</value> <!-- Notice how White has been changed to Red -->

Restart Excel for the changes to take effect.
Play around with styles to obtain the Report look that suits your need.

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